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Enhancing the Quality of Living

Massage therapy works on the basis that touch is essential regardless of our age and as we get older, the less we seem to make contact with others around us. Massage is especially beneficial for people aged sixty-five and older, as it helps to maintain mobility and independence. It promotes healthy skin through the application of nourishing oils, many of which are proven to improve the suppleness of mature skin types. It stimulates the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more of the body's own natural moisturiser and stimulates the circulation in the superficial capillaries.

Treatments also improve general blood circulation and lymph flow; this is of particular relevance to elderly people with poor mobility, as circulation in the extremities can easily become impaired. The symptoms of impaired circulation can start simply as cold hands or feet, but can develop to cramp and pains, loss of sensation and loss of kinaesthetic awareness.

By improving the suppleness of muscles and fascia, massage can also affect joint flexibility. This can have major implications for quality of living; for example, improving hip and knee mobility could make the difference between being able to climb stairs or not. With declining peripheral vision, maintaining mobility in the neck allows us to turn our heads to see our surroundings.

Benefits from massage for this age group:

  • metabolism and health prospects change as we get older - massage improve circulation, muscle tone and immunalogical status. 
  • retirement brings stresses and a change of pace -massage can ease the transition, by enhancing our sense of wellbeing and confidence.
  • many older people lack physical contact
  • the elderly and frail suffer many medical problems due to a lack of mobility, such as ulcers, sores and arthritis  - Massage can significantly improve circulation and reduce the tendency to develop these conditions or help recovery where they already exist.

With regular massage, the quality of life is greatly increased,allowing the older to feel younger,healthier and ballanced.

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