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Benefits of massage:

  • Reliving aches, pains, stiffness
  • Boosting circulation
  • Improving mobility
  • Reducing feelings of loneliness
  • Calming the mind and body
  • Improving skin condition.

Massage has many physical and mental benefits, which improve general health and well-being. The techniques used for senior citizens can differ from those younger individuals prefer so your massage therapist will seek specific requirements to understand in order to better help their patients.

With regular massage treatments well-being is greatly improved, allowing the older patients to feel younger, healthier, and well balanced.

Those who undergo regular massage have reported sleeping deeper and for longer, which allows the body time to regenerate and repair itself, resulting in greater well-being. Massage also improves posture and reduces tension that accumulates in the muscles over time.

Many older people feel isolated, lonely and as a consequence may suffer from depression. Effects of aging take place faster in people lacking mental stimulation and who engage in little physical activity. Reduction in physical activity is linked to increased cases of depression, which sometimes leads to many age-related diseases or conditions. Due to the connection between the physical and mental states treatment should aid in establishing and then maintaining the balance between the two. Elderly massage therapy is natural and has many benefits.  By manipulating the body and stimulating the mind, massage provides the perfect balance needed for an individual’s health to thrive. When we are touched, a variety of chemicals are released by the brain, which makes us feel good.

Elderly massage therapy particularly benefits those who  suffer from dementia .The safe touch of the therapist helps the person who is experiencing dementia, calming them down and making them happier and  feel more relaxed.

Massage treatments should always be tailored to suit the client's specific needs.

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