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Our lead therapist Iwona has been a registered Massage Therapist since 2002 and remains passionate about treating people with deep tissue massage and recently On Site Massage.Her qualifications include BTEC Level 4 /SQA Higher National Certificate, ITEC, NVQ, OSM.
She started her career as a masseur soon after completing her dance studies at high university in Poland. Giving birth to her daughter made her realise what was important in her life. Since the early days she had problems with her muscles. She was desperate to help her. She started reading and researching her condition and realised away to help her was with physiotherapy. She started looking into the subject and attended massage courses in Poland, which meant she was able to help her daughter and she had discovered the biggest passion in her life. Dancing will always remain her hobby.
As she started to learn massage she noticed that exercise and massage can help also their clients much more. Her love of exercise and her baby postural problem inspired her to become a professional masseur. 
Currently she is graduating of the Oxford School Massage and Natural Therapies, and the School of Medical Massage and Manual Therapy.

Most recently she is qualified as an On Site Therapist which allows us to offer massage at the office. She is only the second therapist qualified on chair massage in the Newbury area and has seen excellent results with this form of treatment.
She worked part time with Le Masseur Company in the heart of Reading. 

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